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Inclusion through Sport, leisure pursuits,
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Victory Hants have diversified their services to accommodate the current covid19 pandemic.  Our Volunteers are able to provide any School age Children in the City with lunch in the PO1 -PO6 areas whilst home learning.

We are also able to provide children utilizing our covid19 services access to learning resources, including pre loved laptops and other learning devices.  For  further details please emails us at

Victory Hants is a  ‘Diverse, Active Community Involvement Organisation’ based in Portsmouth, Hampshire and offer sporting and leisure opportunities to individuals age 16 and over. Participants may have a previous history of homelessness, mental health issues, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, long term unemployment or have suffered social isolation due to age, race or gender (LGBT) The purpose of the group is to break down barriers within the community by offering participants opportunities to address health and well-being issues that affect their lives and their community. Victory Hants Volunteers support their participants to partake in local education opportunities, work trials, training or volunteering in order to achieve self-reliant, self-sustainable futures.

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