Our lifetime

In Our Lifetime


“I honestly can’t thank you enough, I so appreciate your help. you have reinstated my faith in human nature. Thank you for your bringing me such a generous amount of food to me when I arrived home from hospital after being treated from Covid, you truly helped save my life” Catherine, Portsmouth l work and live alone my family all live away in Scotland so couldn’t help me and I had to isolate.

“Thank you very much, my Son is happy now that he can join his classmates online in lessons. Thank you so much for your generosity” PO6 Parent

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the laptop, this will help me to complete my College work” Student age 16

“Victory Hants has given my son something to look forward to each week a safe haven where he is never judged and has made so many friends whether he is well enough to play or not whether a game has to be stopped they give him dignity and time to recover. With a disability that doesn’t fit into any category, it’s always been so hard to find anywhere for him to go and fit in” Mother and Carer of 21-Year-old severely disabled young Man

“Attending Victory Hants has helped my mood as if I wasn’t involved then I’d be depressed. I have wanted to be part of a footy team for years (I wished I could have done it when I had my school or college years) … but I felt that cos nobody picked me to be in their team at school, I would be alone and feel isolated because I didn’t know how to interact with others properly, but now I begin to” Autistic Female age 23

“Now I’m in VH, I feel I’m part of something and that I’m getting respect for my playing that I so wanted as a teen. I always look forward to the next session of footy the minute one session is over; I want to be at another… it’s changed my life and is helping me to get fitter and I have managed to loose weight and I’m beginning to feel good about myself and my life again.” Male with obesity issue age 24

“I have Asperger’s is a speech and communication disability so it’s paramount that I get that skill improved because I’m usually just at home with my iPad otherwise. After 32 years I am getting more confident both on and off the pitch, speaking to other Team members helps me and attending the tournaments I get to meet new people, I feel accepted at VH and not judged. I was given an award at Christmas for most improved communication both on and off the field, more people should get to know about VH.” Female age 32

“I am in the middle age range, I need to talk about all stuff, the VH Volunteers take time and trouble to listen to me and help me get the confidence I need to start enjoying my life again, I really want to go back to work and now I begin to feel soon that will happen with the support I have from VH and I like playing the football and the training session are fun, I also going out and about to tournaments and having a break for the day makes me feel better, I like going on the fishing trips to and I went camping for the first time in the summer, I hadn’t been on holiday before” Male Mental Health Issues age 60

“I am at uni. Emotionally, it has been tough especially my first term, in a new area, living in a house with my fellow student friends sometimes it can get stressful. When I came to VH it actually made me feel better and run off the frustration, so what if I don’t score a goal I come for fun and have made so many new friends I spend time with outside of football now and I don’t feel so lonely.” Female age 20

“What an absolutely amazing project that couldn’t be run by more amazing people. Victory has helped me gain my confidence back. Made me realise how important it is to not isolate yourself. Not only I’ve made a lot of good friendships that will never be lost and hopefully last a life time.” Male Walking Footballer age 62

“Victory Hants – this awesome project ran by awesome volunteers. Victory has given me a chance to go different places and to gain more confidence as having autism is pretty hard to do. Its made me realise how there is others out there in similar or even worst situations than me and i’m grateful for what victory Hants has help me with, I have made a lot of good friendships both in and outside Portsmouth which I will never lose” Male age 27

“What Victory Hants have built is something quite enviable! I wish that every club out there would take a long hard look at you and think- yeah, we want to have what they have. And what a happier community we would have!”

“Victory Hants is an amazing group who each member is valued on their own merits and come together brilliantly. If you need to get back into the community and need a few friendly faces – Victory Hants is the place for you!!! ♡ x”

“It’s crazy to think that February 2017 I came to Victory with no intention of playing football, I was just there with a friend. I just stood at the side line not understanding why people played football and here I am in January 2019 not only am I a player of the Warspsite Team but have also been a captain for our team at a recent Tournament in London, I’m so proud of everything Victory Hants has done for me. The amazing opportunities it has given me… and also how much pride I have in my team Let’s smash this again and keep going like we do for one another. Well done Victory Hants”